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Our Services

No project is too big or too small

Whether you’re developing a multi-family condominium, building a commercial space, finishing your basement or just require a small repair, B. Wright Drywall is equipped to handle all your

insulation & drywall needs.


"Less than perfect is not good enough"

This is the motto we live by. Each project is assigned one of our site supervisors who will hand measure your job for material, assign & supervise the installation of that material and when the job is complete, walk-through it with a flashlight & a fine tooth comb.


Every wall, ceiling & drywalled surface will be inspected.

If it’s less than perfect, we’ll fix it – guaranteed.


We offer steel & wood stud framing solutions for your specific needs.

  • Steel track & wood studs for basement frost walls

  • Stairwells

  • Interior basement partitions

  • Steel studs for commercial developments

  • Bulkheads

  • Suspended ceilings


Our insulation services include:

  • Fiberglass batts

  • WallBAR Insulation

  • Loose fill fiberglass & cellulose for attics

  • ½ LB & 2 LB Spray foam

  • Vapour barrier

  • Fire rating & custom soundproofing

  • BIBS (Blow-in Blanket System) 


We install only top quality drywall with a screwed & glued application. Every job is unique & hand measured to ensure maximum use of every sheet of drywall. This means less taping seams, less nail pops & less waste.

Taper 2.jpg
Tape, Texture & Paint

Whether you’re developing a modern space or something more traditional, your corner bead & ceiling finish will enhance the mood of your home.

  • Corner bead types: Square, round (softline), or bevelled (chamfered)

  • Ceiling finishes: Stipple, splatter, knockdown, painted, or level 5

T-bar Ceilings

We offer a wide variety of acoustic and decorative ceiling panels in various styles, sizes, & colours.

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